Phoenix Open concerns after golf fans get ugly and disruptive

The Wasted Management Phoenix Open may be a more appropriate tournament name as golf fans drunk themselves into oblivion causing organisers to shut the bars.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open, renowned for its “spirited” crowds, took an ugly turn as chaotic scenes unfolded, overshadowing the golf tournament itself.

Mudslides, snow angels, and fights dominated the event, leading organizers to briefly halt alcohol sales and close entry gates due to overcrowding concerns. The final day witnessed confrontations between golfers including Zach Johnson and Billy Horschel, expressing frustration at unruly spectators.

Social media platforms buzzed with videos depicting the rowdy atmosphere, with one topless fan arrested for performing ‘snow angels’ in a greenside bunker.

Former BMW PGA Championship winner Byeong Hun An labeled the event a “s***show” and “totally out of control on every hole.” The tournament, known for its lively atmosphere, faced logistical challenges, with heavy rain prompting fans to turn grass banks into mudslides.

Saturday’s reported crowd of over 250,000 contributed to the mayhem, as fans, hindered by muddy conditions, engaged in disruptive behavior. The Scottsdale Police Department cited abnormal course conditions and large crowds occupying limited areas.

Despite the Phoenix Open’s nickname as “the people’s open,” concerns arose about the safety and enjoyment of the event, prompting discussions among players about potential changes for future editions.

A particularly different view of Nick Taylor’s winning putt circulated on social media, showcasing one man in the foreground so inebriated that he couldn’t stand up straight.

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