NX7 Pro review: Compact, easy-to-use golf rangefinder at an affordable price

We put the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder though its paces to see how it measures up.

A new golf laser rangefinder has just made it to Australian shores and we’ve been testing it out over the last few weeks

The NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder is made by American company Precision Pro Golf and while they’re just a small company, their aim is to provide great golf rangefinders at an affordable price.

Some of the features of the NX7 Pro include pulse vibration technology, adaptive slope technology,  +/- 1 yard accuracy within a 400 yard measuring range, measures distance in both yards and metres and 6x magnification. It comes is a neat looking carry case, has a water-resistant design and is powered by a CR2 3-volt battery.

This is all very well, but how does it perform on the golf course?

After unboxing, we were surprised by just how small and light the NX7 Pro felt. Weighing in a just over 210g and a little over 10cm in length, this is one of the most compact rangefinders we’ve laid hands on. The width and ergonomic shape of the NX7 Pro, combined with the non-slip grip means it fits snug in the hand.

One click of the power button on top of the device switches it to ready mode and another brings up the cross-hairs in the viewfinder. A quick sweep over the flagstick and you get your yardage (or meterage). The “pulse vibration technology” means the NX7 Pro will give your hand a buzz to give you confirmation that you’re locked in on the target.

The NX7 Pro also has a second “adaptive slope technology” mode. A button on the front/top of the rangefinder toggles between standard mode and this second mode which will give you an added distance in the viewfinder that allows for elevation change – the hypotenuse effectively – that can help you when choosing the correct club for the next shot.

Beware of this slope mode though, in tournament conditions it is illegal to use the slope technology and you’ll be in violation of Rule 14-3 in the Rules of Golf.

The NX7 Pro is one of the smallest, most compact laser rangefinders on the market. The NX7 Pro can fit into the pocket of our pants without affecting or annoying us while making a swing – making getting a distance just that little bit quicker and accessible.

The NX7 Pro feels great in the hand and we particularly liked the simple click and shoot function for getting a distance instead of holding down the button. And by the end of the round, we wondered why all rangefinders don’t have this one-click function.

We liked the light NX7 Pro but some golfers may prefer something with a bit more weight to keep laser steady while shooting at the pin. Like most rangefinders you’ll be needing two hands to steady and get a distance with the NX7 Pro, and you’ll be needing both hands to also adjust the focus eyepiece which we found a little awkward.

Is this for you?
Precision Pro have also released an NX7 model which is a bit cheaper but doesn’t have the vibration feedback or the slope technology. While we can take or leave the slope technology, the vibration feedback in the NX7 Pro is well worth it.

It’s hard to imagine you’ll find a lighter, smaller and simpler to use rangefinder than the NX7 Pro. And in the low-to-medium price bracket for golf rangefinders you can’t go wrong here, and is a good entry point to the golf rangefinder market if you’ve never had one before.

The NX7 Pro is exclusively available in Australia through Golf Clearance Outlet. Currently selling for $329 (as of May 1, 2017).

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  • Thanks for the great article, I got this rangefinder as my birthday gift from my wife. After using it a couple of times, I can say that it took my golf game to the next level.

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