Nude photo leads to suspension of college golf team

A college golf team at Bethany College in the US have been suspended for posing nude for an unofficial team photo.

Fourteen members of the golf team at Bethany College were suspended for three tournaments last week after administrators deemed the photo too racy and not aligned with the values of the college.

The photo shows all players standing in a line with only their golf clubs hiding their wedding tackle. The players thought the photo was harmless and purely a bit of fun and were keen to defend their actions and challenge the suspension.

The initial three tournament suspension has now been reduced to one after the golfers appealed against the decision. Given the relatively harmless nature of the photo, I’m surprised there was a suspension at all.

2 thoughts on “Nude photo leads to suspension of college golf team

  • This is ridiculous. Why should a show of camaraderie bring about a suspension. I’m glad the players appealed.

  • yes slightly ridiculous. If it boosts interest in the team and gives them a little more popularity and awareness on campus… then all the best to them. I feel no suspension should have been given. Kind of a fun looking pic if you ask me.


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