No more ‘Get in the hole!’, now it’s ‘Mashed Potato!’

Fans have started yelling “Mashed Potato” when Tiger hits a golf shot.

From the department of flash mobbing and planking comes a golf related oddity that could only happen in the age of the internet and social media.

I recall someone telling me at the Australian Open that they’d heard someone yell out “Mashed Potato” when Tiger Woods hit a golf shot. I’d forgotten all about it until I saw that Shane Bacon at Dogs That Chase Cars had posted a video of a golf shot Tiger played last weekend in California.

The “Mashed Potato” call has been found on YouTube where you can hear fans, (possibly the cameraman) yelling the phrase on the 18th hole at The Lakes, when Tiger Woods was at the Australian Open in November.

From what I heard it wasn’t the only place it was heard that week during Tiger’s round.

Like planking, flash mobbing and a whole load of other internet memes, it’s really hard to make any sort of insightful comment or make any sense of it.

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