MUST LISTEN / Jarrod Lyle says he feels “very, very lucky”

Jarrod Lyle has expressed he feels like the luckiest golfer going around as he goes home to begin palliative care.

Inside the Ropes is a great golf podcast and one you should have on rotation each week. But this week’s episode, recorded the morning after the heart-breaking news that Jarrod Lyle is now in palliative care, it’s an extra special,

Regular panelist, journalist and Golf Australia’s media man Mark Hayes is a close friend of Lyle’s. Hayes has spent a lot of time by Lyle’s side not just over the past few days but the past few years.

Hayes talks about Lyle’s condition and his current, very coherent state of mind and shares a snippet from the last interview he recorded in the process of helping to write a book on his life.

And it makes for captivating, gut-wrenching, inspiring listening.

“I feel like I am the luckiest golfer going around. Because so many people took an interest in me and took an interest in my fight,” Lyle said.

“To have so many friends around the world – whether they’re spectators, whether they’re golfers, whether they’re marshals, whatever – to have that kind of support to go to every tournament is a great feeling.”

“And it’s going to be hard to leave that behind but they know that I love them. They know that all the fighting that I did do was to get back out and play golf again.”

“And to have the support from all those people was just a tremendous feeling, you know, and it’s going to be hard but at some point it’s going to happen and they’ll get on with their lives.”

“I just feel very, very lucky.”

Please listen.

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