Melbourne golfer makes two holes-in-one in the same round: audio

Euan Evans made two aces during his round at Royal Melbourne East on Saturday.

No slouch with the golf clubs, 72-year-old Euan Evans plays off a handicap of six, has played pennant golf for RMGC and has previously made four aces.

Golf Australia has reported that on Saturday, Evans added two more aces to his belt.

Saturday’s double-strike were both with a 6-iron on the 13th and 16th holes.

“I was playing a four-ball, and I hit off third (at the 13th),” Evans told Golf Australia.

“One of the earlier guys had hit it to 12 feet, and it was the usual thing ‘I’d better get inside that’. It landed, and one of the guys said ‘I think that’s going in!’ We watched it go straight in.”

And three holes later he repeated the feat at the 16th hole.

“It was funny at the 16th, because one of the guys had a shot on me, and my partner said ‘the only way we’re going to win this hole is if you hole in one again’.” Evans said.

“And of course I did. We watched it land, I thought it was going to be short but it went in with the last roll.”

SEN Radio got Euan on to chat about the remarkable feat that is reportedly a 67 million-to-one chance.

But I have no idea how they work that out…

3 thoughts on “Melbourne golfer makes two holes-in-one in the same round: audio

  • The odds of one hole-in-one are probably calculated by dividing the number of hole-in-ones made by the total number of shots on par 3s. Then you simply square that number to get the odds of two hole-in-ones. This would be a simplistic way of doing it I imagine.

  • Ah yep. Gotcha. I’m still never sure where they get the # of hole in ones and the total shots from though.

    • It would have to be a very rough estimate. If I’m correct, the odds of a single hole-in-one is about 8000 to 1. I’ve probably played 2000 or so par 3s so far and I now play 60 rounds per year so I could have another 25 years before my first hole-in-one. I’ll keep you posted.


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