McDowell, Bradley and Jacobsen launch GolfBeer

Three professional golfers have teamed up to launch their own beers.

Swedish golfer Freddie Jacobsen has teamed up with fellow golfers Graeme McDowell and Keegan Bradley to launch their own brand of boutique beers.

The Golfbeer Brewing Company are brewing three types beers of beers in Florida – each with a distinct character with reference to each golfers’ home country.

Jacobsen has come up with a Scandinavian Style Blonde Ale, McDowell has a Celtic Style Pale Ale and Bradley has his name to the New England Style Lager.

The beers are limited to a few taps around Florida bars and golf courses at the moment with plans to expand further next year.

If anyone is going to try them out and let us know what they’re like, it’s Aussie professional and beer lover Ewan Porter. Keep an eye on his Twitter account for future taste testings.

Golf Beer Brewing Co. from Indie Atlantic Films on Vimeo.

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