Don’t look, this may be the worst putt we’ve seen at a major

At 24-years, Will Zalatoris has a few putting issues and it’s not pretty to watch.

You’ve really got to see this putt to believe it, but we’re not entirely sure we should be encouraging golfers to watch it.

Will Zalatoris missed a putt during the first round of the Open Championship last night that nearly had us knock over our whisky.

A tap-in putt over just under a foot was stabbed at and somehow missed to the right. It is the sort of thing we’ve all seen before on the golf course, but we’re just not used to seeing it from a professional golfer, and in a major championship to boot.

To be fair, the putt did get a little kick to the right halfway along its 1-foot journey. All the same, this might be the worst putt we’ve ever seen at The Open Championship.

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