Magnificent McIlroy

We haven’t seen a performance like this since the days of Tiger Woods.

Roory McIlroy’s complete domination over the field at the 2011 US Open was nothing short of magnificent. His eight-stroke victory made him the youngest Us Open winner in 88 years and was the eighth first-time major winner out of the last nine.
Anyone who watched would it agree it was stunning to watch and the performance is only underlined when you consider Australian Jason Day’s position.
For the second straight major championship, Jason Day has again finished in second spot with an fantastic bogey-free weekend of golf. His score of 8-under par would have won or made a playoff in every previous US Open except for two; Tiger Woods’ win in 2000 (12-under) and this year’s win by McIlroy.
The was a day when a major missing Tiger was disastrous for golf. Watching Rory on the weekend, you’d be forgiven for forgetting he wasn’t even there.

4 thoughts on “Magnificent McIlroy

  • Better manners than Tiger had at that age.

  • An amazing 4 days of golf. It was great to see Day up there again. McIlroy just seemed to be so strong mentally after what happened to him at the Masters. He has played some unbelieveable golf over the past 12 months. Now that he has his first major, can he keep his game up to that standard? It will be great viewing if he can

  • Rory put on quite the display this past week. However, it felt like it was a PGA Championship and not a US Open. Regardless, shooting what he did and bouncing back the way he did after Augusta was impressive to say the least.

    He is a very likely young man and it’s no wonder why everyone in the golf media world is slobbering all over him! Let’s see how dominate he can be and lets see if Tiger can get his game back and challenge these young guns. If he does, then we’ll see what they’re made of.


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