Keegan Bradley “wanted to meet me in the car park”

Former PGA Tour player Paul Gow has said Keegan Bradley has form when it comes to heated arguments on the golf course.

Brett Ogle and Paul Gow had their regular catch up chat on FoxSports’ The Golf Show last night and included in their discussion was the argument that broke out between Miguel Ángel Jiménez and Keegan Bradley at the WGC Match Play last weekend.

Gow had a few interesting things to say on the matter and seems to think Bradley has form when it comes to getting angry on the golf course – albeit after being accused of cheating because of slow play in one of his early events on the Tour a few years ago.

“As you’ve seen, he is slow at playing and I got in his face about it and I said ‘Mate, it’s time to hurry up’,” said Gow. “He didn’t like that. So he made a bogey and hit one out-of-bounds.”

“What I did tell him is that he’s cheating. You take 50 seconds to take a shot and your [Bradley] taking three minutes. He didn’t take a liking to that. Wanted to meet me in the car park”.

“There’s rules to be made in golf and you’ve got to abide by those rules and Keegan Bradley quite often breaks those rules,” Gow added. “He told me that I was gaming him, I was trying to put him off his game.”

“That was on the Thursday. The Friday, it was a very cold day.”

Watch last night’s full episode of The Golf Show at FoxSports site. The Keegan Bradley discussion starts at around the 12 minute mark.

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  • I told you! I said that he probably has a history of this but you couldn’t handle my comment and deleted it. Turns out I was right.


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