Golf Joke: Gary Mule Deer explains The Golfer’s Dilemma

The Golfer’s Dilemma is perhaps one of the best golf jokes. And given the plethora of golf jokes out there, we think that’s worth sharing.

Gary Mule Deer, celebrated for his humor and musical talents, delivered a timeless golf joke to an appreciative Florida audience a few years ago. While this anecdote has been quietly waiting in the wings, it seems fitting to bring it to the forefront for some well-deserved levity following a week of intense competition at the Masters.

Gary Mule Deer, a luminary in the world of comedy and country music, has graced numerous illustrious stages across the United States. With over 350 television appearances to his name, including frequent guest spots on iconic shows like ‘The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson’ and the ‘Late Show with David Letterman,’ Mule Deer’s comedic talent is undeniably impressive.

Deadpan, Deer tells this golf joke perfectly.

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