John Daly turns 50; wins $150k for doing so?

John Daly will make his debut on the Champions Tour next week after turning 50 yesterday.

The longest John of them all, John Daly has turned 50 and will make his debut on the Champions Tour in the coming weeks. And he two-time major winner (1991 PGA Championship, 1995 Open Championship) claims Fuzzy Zoeller owes his $150,000 for getting to the half-century mark.

Daly thanked everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter adding that he is now $150k up thanks to a bet made with Zoeller many years ago:

Josh Peter at USA Today has the full story:

The bet took place took place years ago at Augusta National the week of The Masters, according to Daly.

“I think it was Tuesday morning and we played nine holes and went to T-Bonz (restaurant) and had some lunch,’’ he recalled. “Next thing I know, we were in the same clothes playing Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning and the par-3 tournament. We stayed through the whole nine (holes), drinking, having a good time and eating.

“Fuzzy said, ‘I got 150 grand you’re never going to make it to 50.’ ”

But after recalling the story, Daly said he and Zoeller never shook on the bet.

“So I won’t hold him up to it,’’ Daly said. “I’ll just have him give me a free bottle of his vodka. That’s about it.”

This is also a pretty good tribute to Daly:

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