International team went out and kicked the footy after losing the Presidents Cup

It didn’t take long for the International Presidents Cup team to get a smile back on their faces.

While the victorious US Presidents Cup team were on the bus singing “We Are The Champions”, the International Team were consoling themselves with a few beers, a few tunes and a kick of the footy.

After losing the Presidents Cup 14-16 to the US, team captain Ernie Els was quick to say how proud he was in the efforts from his International team and point out they wouldn’t linger in the doldrums for too long.

“It’s going to be tough to swallow but we do have a great sense of humour in our team,” Els said. “It won’t be long before you see the music or hear the music playing in our team room. Nobody died out there, and it was a sport, and we gave it our all. So, so be it.”

And just half an hour later the music was playing.

And when in Melbourne, booting a Sherrin around is the done thing I suppose with even some of the non-Australians joining in.

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