Watch this stunning video of iceberg golf on Lake Michigan

Here is one that has been floating around for a few weeks; iceberg golf.

According to, a filmmaker and a photographer from Michigan were scoping out places to shoot and jokingly thought the icebergs on Lake Michigan seemed like a cool place to play golf.


Seth Haley and Josh Nowicki set about filming a few golf shots on the ice. Haley took to his stand-up paddle board and Nowicki took the stunning images.

“Seth and I both spend a lot of time at Lake Michigan and have been talking about various photo and film project we could do with the ice on Lake Michigan.”

“Looking at the shapes of the ice on the lake reminded me of a green on a golf course and I semi-jokingly said that I would like to play golf out there. After some discussion we decided that it was quite possible and I went out to give it a try.”

It’s certainly some stunning video footage but as much as we love golf, this may be a little too extreme for us.

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