How to use the broomstick putter

Let’s just say you’ve been considering using the long putter and wondered how to use one. Aside from my mate Pete, which Australian golfer would you take advice from?

Yes, that’s right. Peter Senior.

The guy completely dominated Australian golf for several summers when he converted to the long putter, beating Greg Norman regularly in the process. It sparked massive debate over the putter’s legitimacy. It was no surprise that Norman expressed his disdain for it prompting Senior to reply, “Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one”.

Last week Peter Senior qualified for full playing rights on the US Champions Tour next year, by winning the qualifying event. Never has a name been more appropriate on this tour and I’m almost sure he’ll win on it. He is golfing a machine.

In honour of his great win, here is a video courtesy of the The Golf Show on Foxsports where he gives Ossie Moore a few tips on how to use the most controversial club in the bag.

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