Honest, unfiltered, post-round interviews with European Tour golfers

The raw emotion after a round of golf is captured brilliantly in this latest video from the DP World Tour.

Tommy Fleetwood ended up taking home the winner’s trophy at the Dubai International after a dramatic final hole stumble from Rory McIlroy.

But along the way, the DP World Tour tried something a little different for their post-round interviews. Rather than have golfers face the media, they asked them to take a step into a Big Brother-like Green Room to dissect their most recent round.

We all know the range of emotions that bubble to the surface after a round of golf. A short missed putt on the final green, or a chip in birdie can dramatically change one’s outlook on a round of golf. So to watch the world’s best golfers talk when those raw emotions are still bubbling over is a captivating thing to see.

Make sure you stick around for James Morrison’s post-round interview. Some are claiming it might be the most brutally honest chat we’ve ever heard from a pro golfer.

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