Harrington screwed by rules at Masters

Aussie Golfer couldn’t agree more with this little wrap from Average Golfer of the incident involving Padraig Harrington during the second round of the Masters.

Screwed. Padraig Harrington got screwed by one of the stupidest of golf rules. On the 15th hole, in high wind, he addressed his putt and the ball was moved by the wind. That cost him a penalty stroke. If they rely on players’ integrity to call their own penalties, even when out of TV camera view, then why can’t the rely on a players’ integrity to say that the ball moved at address, but not because they touched it? If Harrington loses by a stroke it would be a huge injustice. This rule is way overdue for a revisit.

3 thoughts on “Harrington screwed by rules at Masters

  • Think again. Player’s integrity or not, if the ball moved and did not return to it’s original position, the ball has moved and a penalty applies. If he was not addressing the ball and the wind blew it into the hole … would you complain? What about elsewhere on the course when the ball moves. At least on the green the player has the right to mark the ball and replace it to his satisfaction. It’s the rub of the green.

  • Cliff dont your think your own argument can be used against you. You are correct if the wind blew my ball in the hole after it had stopped from my original shot I would be very happy. I would not however call a shot against myself. Should the same not apply here. The rule is meant for situations where a player inadvertantly causes a ball to move through their own actions. I think this is another case where the rules of golf actually go against the spirit under which they were written.

  • Yeah I’m not sure Cliff. I just think once you’ve addressed the ball and it moves through no influence of the golfer, you must replace it, no penalty. Anywhere on the course, anytime.


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