Hank Haney’s 5-minute slice fix: video

We’ve been listening to a bit of Hank Haney of late and couldn’t help but share this video on his unique way to fix a slice.

Hank Haney is on of the all-time great golf instructors who among other things coached Tiger Woods and went on to famously publish ‘The Big Miss‘. Haney has a very simple way of explaining the complexities of the golf swing and has some unique ways of trying to cure the bad ones.

We’ve been re-listening to Hank Haney on the State of the Game podcast (listen below), following his 140 character golf swing instruction tips on Twitter and we loved Mark Aumann’s recent piece at PGA.com on how Haney cured his slice in 10-minutes at a recent media day.

After a couple of swings, I heard a voice behind me ask, “How long have you had that slice?”

Pretty much from the first round I ever played, I replied. He then said he could fix that immediately — and when I turned around, I realized it was PGA Professional Hank Haney who had been watching my poor, poor pitiful swing.

You could do a lot worse than to listen to Hank Haney when it comes to the golf swing – let us know if anyone implements the slice-fix method he chats about in the above video and with what level of success.

Hank Haney on The State of the Game with Rod Morri, Mike Clayton and Geoff Shackelford.

Listen to more State of the Game podcast via iTunes, or via Geoff Shackelford’s site.

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