Handy Cap app now available on the App Store

The Handy Cap app to track Australian golf handicaps is now available at both Android and iOS users.

We’ve talked before about this free Handy Cap app that can track you and your friends’ Australian golf handicaps, but it was only available to Android users. But the developer has now weaved his magic and made it available for free for iOS users as well.

Handy Cap is a neat little app that does exactly what it says on the box. Type in one of your mates’ GA handicap number and it will list their current handicap – plus a few dots that reflect which eight of their past 20 rounds count towards the calculated handicap. Tap that golfer and you get a nice history of their past 20 rounds including what they scored and where they finished in the field.

Check it out at the links below:

app google playapp store

4 thoughts on “Handy Cap app now available on the App Store

  • Not sure who to contact. Handy Cap app has stopped working. It won’t refresh. I tried reloading it from the app store to no avail.

    • It would be nice find out because mine has done the same

  • I contacted the developer – Bradley Hohn, his email address is in the help section. Sadly he no longer has access to the source data and so the app is down indefinitely at this stage. John S.

    • Golf australua will no longer supply “our” handicap data, considering the fees we pay is not logical. Should they require further payment or us paying for the use of the (to the auther of the app) and he in turn making a payment to GA is not out of the wuestion? Come on guys get together, having access to mates GA numbers is invaluable when booking games and having a laugh at your mates misfortunes! Come on GA get your act together.


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