Golfer’s tee shot cuts power to 2400 homes in Adelaide

Golfer’s club slips out of his hands, hits power lines and cuts power to surrounding suburbs.

Tea Tree Gully Golf Club. Image courtesy of TTGGC website.

The Adelaide Advertiser yesterday reported that a golfer was responsible for the power being cut to 2400 homes after a golf club slipped from his hands and connected with overhead power lines.

The golfer in question was reportedly playing the temporary 14th hole at Tea Tree Gully Golf Club in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs, when the club slipped from his hands following a tee shot, hit two power lines sparking a short-circuit which dropped power to the surrounding homes.

The club, believed to be a seven iron, effectively acted as a conductor between the 11,000-volt power cables and caused them to short-circuit.

Witnesses told the Leader Messenger half of the club disintegrated on contact with the power lines.

SA Power Networks spokesman Paul Roberts said the unfortunate incident occurred at about 9.50am and power was restored by 12.30pm.

We’re trying to track down any more information on this one. It’s hard to believe something like this would have happened without a photo or two!

H/T Golf Industry Central for spotting this one.

One thought on “Golfer’s tee shot cuts power to 2400 homes in Adelaide

  • i was playing at INVERELL GC when a chap I was playing with let his fairway wood slip through his hands and landed across the power lines running out of bounds along the side of the fairway,sending sparks flying and catching the dry grass underneath on fire and causing drama.


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