Golfer makes three holes-in-one in single round

Most golfers would settle for one hole-in-one in their life, never mind three in a single round.

Here is a fun story that should fill you with confidence ahead of the weekend.

The BBC reported earlier in the week that a 59-year-old US golfer carded three aces in a single round at a course in Virginia!

Patrick Wills plays off a handicap of +4 and his remarkable round of 14-under par 57 not surprisingly won him the Summer Solstice Tournament for a 20th time. Clearly, Wills is no slouch with the sticks and his three aces included two albatrosses, holing out on the 7th and 10th holes which are par-4s.

Amazingly he has previously scored 22 aces in 47 years of playing. They have all come in tournament play, 18 of them on par threes and four on par fours.
He added: “I know what degree of skill it required, but certainly you have look to the man upstairs as well.
“Now when I hear professional golfers like Jordan Spieth say it hasn’t sunk in yet when they win something, I can now understand what they are saying.”

Check out the full story at BBC Sport.

2 thoughts on “Golfer makes three holes-in-one in single round

  • I find it amazing that he believes in a god who took time off from whatever he does to change the laws of physics and direct his ball into the hole three times. Does that mean god’s handicap is +4 and this guy is just a hacker?

  • Bullsh*** 334 yard hole in one doubtIng it


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