Golf Stats Online!

I’ve been playing around with Facebook online for a while and using a nice little golf application that keeps all your stats. I only realised today that it was an entity and website in itself and one doesn’t need Facebook to have an account and use it.

It’s a fabulous little program called LOOPR (search the page to find out why, golf nuts may already know) and I can highly recommend it.

The internet has been crying out for something like this for ages and it runs all over the little homemade excel spreadsheets I’ve made to try and keep track of it all. You can go ahead and enter round information and out the other side comes all you need to know about your game.

Looks like some further improvements are on the way and I’m hoping the “slope” system that the US uses to determine course difficulty can change. It would be nice to give us the option of going with CCR or Australian Course Rating at the very least. Nonetheless, jump on it!

One thought on “Golf Stats Online!

  • That is a good application. I’ve also seen, it doesn’t have the same stats as loopr, but I think from reading the blog that they are keen to add them. I really like the facebook sharing stuff.


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