Golf club delivery service takes hassle (and fees) out of golf travel

Flying with golf clubs has probably never been more annoying.

Most Australian airlines are now not only charging fees for extra baggage including golf clubs, but adding an extra oversize baggage fee on top of it.

Depending on who you travel with, flying on Australian domestic airlines with golf clubs can easily set you back $70-$80 on top of the regular fare; not to mention the potential for damaged or lost clubs, and the hassle of lugging your clubs to-and-from the airport.

Flying internationally into Australia with golf clubs and it all gets expensive and much more of a hassle.

The Sweet Spot Club Hire have launched a service that aims to simplify the whole process and to take all of the hassle away from your golf travel in Australia.

The service allows you to select the golf clubs you’d like to hire, let them know where your playing (or staying) and how long you’d like to hire the clubs for and The Sweet Spot Club Hire will have the clubs ready for you when you arrive.

I tested it out on a recent trip to Adelaide.

Looking to play a number of golf courses during my stay but with kids and a load of baggage already booked, it seemed like the perfect solution.

A few days after making my order via I arrived at the golf course to find a set of TaylorMade M2 golf clubs had been delivered and just itching to get out on the golf course. As someone who hadn’t used them before, I couldn’t wait to get out and try them out.

Note: The Sweet Spot Club Hire also have TaylorMade M4 sets available, as well as Callaway Big Bertha Epic and Fusion sets – all with a range of shaft flex to suit all skill levels and swing speeds. And you can add golf balls to your order as well.

After a couple of days of golf, I left the clubs at the golf course and went on my way leaving the team at The Sweet Spot to pick them up.

In addition to the convenience, it was a great way to try out some clubs I hadn’t used before. And perhaps playing within myself with foreign clubs in my hands, I somehow carded my best score of the last six months.

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