Flying with golf clubs: Australian airline charges for travelling with golf clubs

Flying with golf clubs within Australia? Here are the rules and charges for golf club baggage allowance for each airline.

UPDATE: We have updated the details for flying with golf clubs in Australia. Please refer to this article:
Australian airlines add extra fees for travelling with golf clubs

As summer approaches more and more Australian golfers will be travelling around the country with their golf clubs in tow. It’s all very well to hire a set when you get there, but lets face it, we’ve all got enough excuses as it is without the need to be using a foreign set of golf clubs.

You hardly want to be using a different set of golf clubs while gracing the fairways of Barnbougle Dunes, taking money off your mates on Boxing Day or simply having a twilight hit with your ol’ man.

But the baggage allowance rules and cost for flying with golf clubs differ from airline to airline, and to avoid getting slugged at the airport before you fly, you might want to check out these details.

Keep in mind each airline allows for a certain allowance for hand luggage so if you can get all your clothes in a bag on the plane, then your golf clubs may be the only piece of baggage you’ll need to check-in.

All details below are summaries for the basic level fares and does not take into account baggage allowances for business fares or travellers with airline memberships. Check the airline webpage for more detailed information.

Passengers flying on Qantas domestic flights are given a 1-piece baggage allowance with a maximum weight of 23kg. So if you’re travelling with a bag as well as golf clubs, that’s two pieces and you’re going to have to fork out for an extra piece of luggage.

If you pre-purchase an extra piece of luggage online it’ll cost you $30, but it will cost you $40 if you do it at the airport. We’ve known some golfers to shove all their extra gear into the golf bag and just travel with the clubs. But if you’re going to do a lot of travel with the clubs, purchasing a large golf travel bag that will hold your bag and all your gear may be a good idea.

See more information on baggage allowances at the Qantas website.

Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia also have a similar “per piece” model for their baggage allowances, again up to 23kg per piece.

If you want to pre-purchase an extra piece for your golf clubs, it’ll cost you $35 per flight. And it really pays to pre-purchase when you’re travelling with Virgin, as they’ll slug you $70 for an extra piece of baggage at the airport.

See more information on baggage at the Virgin Australia website.

Jetstar baggage rules are based on a weight-based allowance system and you can choose what your total baggage allowance depending on your travel needs.

Just make sure that your golf clubs and all your gear weighs less than the weight limit you purchase. It will cost you $15.50 for 15kg, $16.50 for 20kg, $23 for 25kg and $30 for 30kg. Jetstar won’t guarantee being able to purchase excess baggage at the airport, but if you do it will cost you $50 for up to 15kg.

See more information on Jetstar baggage information.

Sports equipment such as golf clubs are now also included in your checked-in baggage allowance at Tiger Airways.

TigerAir have now launched a “Luggage Upsize” option where you can purchase a baggage allowance when you buy your ticket. Similarly to Jetstar prices are about $1 per kg for each flight.

But make sure you purchase this early. If you forget to pre-purchase you baggage allowance you will only be allowed to buy an extra 15kg at the airport for $70 for flights under 1hr 45mins, or $85 for longer flights. Ouch.

Rex (Regional Express)
Rex passengers can travel free with golf clubs, provided the total weight of all your checked-in bags sneak in under 15kg.

Extra weight will cost you $7.70 per kg over the check-in baggage allowance.

See more information on Rex baggage information.

If we had to pick a favourite airline for travelling within Australia with golf clubs it would be Jetstar. At least with them you aren’t limited by the number of bags you can check-in under the purchased weight limit.

But like all the options, just make sure you’ve purchased your allowance before you get to the airport otherwise you may get charged more than your green fees.

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