Golf ball review: GolfJet JET3 Series

We road test the brand new Australian-made golf ball, GolfJet.

We’ve been testing out the new Australian designed golf balls over the last few months and we thought it was time to tell you what we think.

GolfJet launched on to the Australian golf market earlier this year with two ‘tour level performance’ golf ball series that arrive in a slick ‘JetPack’ that includes a nine balls, tees, ball marker, a leather glove and access to the GolfJet app.

Both the Jet3 and JEt4 have a urethane cover that will feel soft even in your hands. The Jet4 is a 4-piece ball aimed at low handicappers offering higher launch angles, steeper descents and control around the greens while the Jet3 will run out a little more with lower trajectories.

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This is all very well in theory. But how did the GolfJet balls perform on the golf course? We took the Jet3’s on course for a few rounds and here is what we thought.

The GolfJet golf balls are soft. And in an era when all the big name brands are starting to see how soft they can make the ball feel off the golf club, GolfJet is easily in the mix. They feel great, especially around the greens when you’re looking for an extra bit of spin. Golfers also like to feel comfortable about the way the ball sounds off the putter, and sometimes even the way the ball sounds going into the hole. In this regard, the Jet3 felt (and sounded) just as good as any other top-end golf ball on the market.

The Jet3’s seemed to go just as far off the tee as any other golf ball we usually use –  and getting plenty of roll once the ball hit the ground. If anything, we were tending to take a half a club more from within 150 metres just to allow for a little more spin, and a quicker stop. Great for a little more touch on drier, harder greens.

Some fickle golfers may have an issue with the slightly off-white colour of the GolfJet which is really only noticeable when you put them next to other golf balls. If it does cross your mind as being an issue, do your best to keep focus on the performance and feel of these golf balls off the club – they hold up very well against most of the other premium golf balls around.

Someone commented to me after using the GolfJet “I reckon they go okay”, sounding almost surprised. And perhaps it may come as a surprise that an Australian designed golf ball could hit the market. I’d argue they go better than just “okay”and are well worth checking out for yourself.

Check out the GolfJet website for more information and details on how to order.

One thought on “Golf ball review: GolfJet JET3 Series

  • Great review. Glad you discovered Golfjet as there isn’t much written about it on the web. I came across it through XGOLF – Golfjet was the sponsor for a tournament there earlier this year. Had a hit with the balls in the simulator and was instantly hooked.
    Been using the JET4 for a couple of months. I tried the JET3 but prefer the JET4s higher trajectory to max my drives. Personally I think the JET3 would suit a pro or elite amateur. The JET4 ball is similar to the ProV1x (what I used to use) but thankfully not $6 a ball….
    You’re right about the feel too – sooooo soft! Never had a ball which checked up like it.
    But for me best part of GolfJet is the unique overall concept – getting a new leather glove, tees, etc included with each box. Plus the free GPS app is cool. I think they have tried to create their own niche rather than engineer a me too product. It’s such a premium experience. And the cost is reasonable. I reckon around half what I used to pay when you consider what’s in the box and the free home delivery (which is super convenient as I used to buy last minute and pay through the nose at the pro shop!! Sound familiar….). Now i have to start racking up my Jet points to reach Gold status and get my free packs! Cheers.


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