Golf Australia outline plans for daily scratch rating, slope and handicapping of social rounds

Many golfers will be happy at the news Golf Australia will implement a daily course rating in a string of new changes to affect Australian golf handicapping.

Golf Australia has released a communication to all golf clubs across Australia that outlines the changes that have been made to the Australian golf handicapping system, and what is planned for the future. Among the components yet to be implemented is a plan to introduce a daily scratch rating, the slope system and a method by which social rounds can be used for handicapping purposes.

The letter, sent to all club captains, highlights the components of the new GA handicapping system which are currently in effect, such as the ‘best 8 of 20’ system and the use of an anchor to prevent handicaps from varying too wildly throughout the course of a year.

We recently discussed the new course scratch rating which will be introduced to every Australian golf course in the coming months, but there are more changes on the horizon which appear very positive and progressive.

One of the implementations that many golfers have been crying out for is some way to vary the course rating depending on daily conditions in much the same way the old CCR (Calculated Course Rating) used to do. GA have indicated they will introduce what they are calling a DSR (Daily Scratch Rating) which will be calculated automatically on via GA handicapping software installed at each club.

The DSR will be a complex calculation which unlike the old CCR, produces a much more reliable way of rating the conditions of the day. The calculation will include measures such as the daily net score, the field size, the average handicap of the field and the type of competition to determine how different the daily rating is from the static scratch course rating.

This should please plenty of golfers who lament the loss of the previous CCR system which has led to a system which does not discriminate between a score of 80 in the sunshine or 80 in the howling wind and rain.

The full communication from GA can be read here but I recommend taking a look at the poster summary for each component that will be implemented. The outline is shown below which you can click on for the full report. Hey, go stick it on your bedroom wall if you like.

It only seems like a few years ago when there was plenty of controversy about the way the initial changes were made. The lack of consultation with clubs and golfers put many people offside with GA.

While there will always be some opposition to any new changes, you can’t fault the clear consultation and communication that GA are now employing. I for one, look forward to all these new implementations becoming a part of Australian golf over the next few years and Aussie Golfer will keep you updated as they roll out.

2 thoughts on “Golf Australia outline plans for daily scratch rating, slope and handicapping of social rounds

  • This is a very positive move to the golf handicapping system. Weather conditions and other varying factors can make a lot of difference to scores in any given event.

    Such things are tees moved forward, shortened holes, no wind etc.

    Look forward to the changes coming through.

  • The best thing is that the USGA and the R&A are watching what we are doing and if we are successful with this, which i think we will be. I think you will find Australia as the leader in handicapping changes etc.


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