Golf Australia launch new-look brand, logo

Golf Australia revealed its new-look brand last week as it continues to inspire more Australians to play more golf. 

Golf Australia launched a new brand last week with a new logo that you’ll see a lot more of across the upcoming summer of golf.

An excerpt from the media release:

The new Golf Australia logo aims to connect the traditional aspects of golf to the more contemporary by use of a modern abstract monogram that has been developed to represent some of the key ingredients that create the game of golf.

Golf Australia CEO, James Sutherland notes the logo reflects a sport that is on the move and is enjoying unprecedented growth.

“We’re incredibly excited about launching the new look for Golf Australia. It reflects a contemporary image that is consistent with the rapidly changing perceptions about golf as sport for all.

“Golf is big, and it’s getting bigger. Our participation base is not only growing but becoming younger and more diverse. People of all backgrounds and ages are flocking to the game – some in traditional forms as members and on course, but also significantly in alternative formats such as simulator golf, driving ranges and mini-golf.

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