Glenmuir golf shirts review

Now you can look further than your own backyard for great golf shirts.

On the few occasions I’ve been lucky enough to visit the UK and Europe I’ve always been amazed at the number of golf brands we just don’t see in Australia. Gone are the days when the only golf shirts available for you to purchase were the ones at the club pro shop. Thanks to the internet, we have access to many of these European brands with many now offering international shipping for their products.

Glenmuir Golf is one of the latest golf brands to jump on the international shipping train and Aussie Golfer was sent a couple of shirts to try out. We tried out the Ralia Pure Cotton shirt in ‘cucumber’ and the Performance Club shirt in ‘white’.

The shirts and style
There is no doubt these are good quality golf shirts that I suspect will last a long time. The styles are generally that classic one-toned look that I prefer over the more drastic colour changes of some other golf brands. The colours are really great with my wife claiming the cucumber green cotton shirt I tried out looked really nice. High praise indeed.

On course performance
Not surprisingly, there were no obvious issues with the shirts over the course of a round of golf but I preferred the Performance Club shirt because of its CoolMax texture that is more comfortable in the Australian summer. The Ralia cotton style shirt probably looks a little smarter though.

Things to consider
Personally I’m more of a fan of the Performance Club shirts because of their performance in the the hot, humid Australian conditions. Also, much like the golf shirts made for the American market, these shirts are relatively large compared to what you may be used to buying in Australia. Maybe opt to for smaller size than you’re generally used to. Lastly, the prices are pretty competitive but remember to factor in the shipping costs to the purchase.

The final word
The Glenmuir shirts can be delivered straight to your door and they are no doubt quality golf shirts that are going to last for many years. I’m a fan of the classic style of these shirts and will appeal to the majority of golfers. The colours are great with equally great names – Cucumber, Lagoon, Berry. You’re other half will be impressed.

Golf shirts supplied courtesy of Glenmuir Golf.

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