Five golf swing tips from Rory McIlroy: Golf Digest

Let’s kick off the week with a few tips from a guy that should know a thing or two about the golf swing.

Ok, so Rory McIlroy didn’t make the cut in his first tournament back on the PGA Tour in 2015, but I keep coming back to these golf tips from the world number one.

The series of golf tips from Rory McIlroy, from a late-2014 issue of Golf Digest come across as quite personable and the tips are clearly written, not to mention hugely important.

The descriptions of his earlier faults not only make for an interesting read but it’s somewhat comforting to know that the world’s best golfer has similar swing flaws to the majority of amateur golfers.

Particularly when it comes to the first part of the golf swing:

The first two feet of my swing are critical. If I start the club back on plane, I won’t have to reroute it on the way down, so I can just rip it without fearing a mis-hit. Granted, my takeaway isn’t perfect. I occasionally yank the club too far inside [then come over the top in the downswing], or “lift” it up and out [which gets me “trapped” coming down]. But I can fix those flaws.

McIlroy derives a lot of his power because of his shoulder turn (and flexibility) and he admits that occasionally he turns too far. His fix is a simple on though and is a nice reminder for all of us to get that shoulder tucked under the chin:

“I stop my swing when my left shoulder hits my chin. If that’s plenty of turn for me, then it’s plenty for you.”

Check out the full piece at Golf Digest and go work on your swing this week: Rory McIlroy: My Game-Changing Tips.

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