My favourite Australian golf podcasts

I’ve listed my favourite Australian golf podcasts in case you’re looking for more great golf chatter from this part of the world.

If there is anything the last year has taught me is that you can’t have enough golf podcasts.

I’ve dabbled in and out of stacks of great Australian golf podcasts over the past few years (as well as the odd international one too) and I thought it was time I shared the list with you.

You can dial up most of these podcasts via your favourite podcasting stream, and more often than not via Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music.

In no particular order, here are some of my Australian golf podcasts. Jump in and give them a go. (And if we’ve missed any, send me the link, I’ll take a listen and add them to the list).

The Good-Good Golf podcast – Talkin Golf – Website, Spotify, Apple
The Good-Good Golf Podcast is my favourite from the suite of Talkin Golf podcasts. Hosted by Rod Morri, Adrian Logue and Derek Duncan, Good-Good covers the golf tours, golf design, golf courses and golf paths. Always good-good fun. Often great-great.

Golf – Andrew Daddo – Spotify, Apple
Two things I love about Andrew Daddo’s Golf podcast – they’re short, easily digestible episodes that make for more regular listening and Daddo’s passion for the game of golf. And when I mean the game of golf, we’re not talking about the pro golf tours, we’re talking about the pure game of golf itself – and all its strange, loveable quirks.

Inside the Ropes – Golf Australia – Website, Spotify, Apple
Featuring a range of great co-hosts including Andy Maher, Ali Whitaker, Mike Clayton, Mark Hayes, Stacey Peters, and Martin Blake, Inside The Ropes has been an old favourite of mine for years. At over 200 episodes, ITR is always across the big topics and featuring a ton of great interviews with some of the biggest names in Australian golf.

State of the Game – Talkin Golf – Website, Spotify, Apple
This may be my all-time fav podcast, certainly the one I started listening to first. I credit it for changing the way I look at the game of golf and it’s a great way to get across the biggest issues facing the game into the next century.

My Love for Golf – Ross Flannigan – Website, Spotify, Apple
I love the personal, passionate angle of the My Love For Golf podcast. Ross, Mike and Rod cover the latest pro tour news and chat with some great guests including some not-so-well-known passionate people in the golf industry.

Also, make sure you check out a couple of other podcasts Ross is involved with – The Mental Mastery of Golf Podcast with Jamie Glazier and the Rules of Golf Rules Questions Podcast featuring David Blake.

Tenuous Links – Golf Barons – Website, Spotify, Apple
The boys at Golf Barons are spread across a number of different golf media including their successful golf show on Foxsports. But the Barons also find time to chat about the game these guys clearly love so much.

The 19th teeSpotify, Apple
Nathan Drudi and Kieran Marsh make sure you’re completely covered for everything that’s happened in professional golf. The subtitle “It’s golf – without the jacket and tie.” is spot on here as the guys chat about golf while happily digressing into footy, soccer and craft beer along the way.

And a few favourite international podcasts…

Fore the Good of the GameWebsite, Spotify, Apple

Chasing ScratchWebsite, Spotify, Apple

The Erik Anders Lang ShowSpotify, Apple

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