ECCO Women’s Golf Shoe review

If first impression are anything to go by, ECCO’s ladies range of golf shoes are certainly on to a winner.

by Andrea Petrie
“Nice wheels” and “You certainly look the part wearing those”, were among the many comments I received from my golf buddies when I rolled up wearing them during a recent round. And I’d have to agree — they look great!

While Michael at Aussie Golfer, tested the Street Golf of men’s shoes (which are also available in a women’s golf shoe in several funky colours), I opted for the Ecco Casual Cool golf shoe, which are aptly named in my opinion.

The contemporary, contrasting black and white leathers — equipped with fine stitching on each of the contrasting colours — provides a sophisticated, sleek appearance.The incorporation of ECCO’s “Four Dots”, or studs, on the outer sides, provides an ever-so-discrete feminine touch as well. In addition to looking athletic, they’re very streamlined and stylish and I have no doubt they’d look good on anyone.
* The Casual Cool is Also available in all white.

The incredibly soft, high-grade leather is not only comfortable, but also provides adequate support and stability around your foot. With the benefit of an innovative high-tech, asymmetrical arch support and an integrated heel stabiliser, the shoe might even help your swing!Also inside, are removable, leather-covered inner soles equipped with the ECCO Comfort Fiber System to increase air circulation for a fresher, cooler climate for your tootsies. Its breathable GOR-TEX avoids moisture and is supposed to prevent blisters. I think my left heel would disagree, however.

While I’m yet to take them out in the dreaded wet weather, which we get a lot of in Melbourne, ECCO stresses the Casual Cool has enhanced weather resistance to ensure your feet stay dry after playing in the rain.And the rubber, colour-matched soles feature moulded bars to provide traction, which combined with the Stinger cleats from Champ (and the Q-LOK insert system) gives you the ideal grip needed under foot.

Final word
If they look great, feel comfortable and their stability has the potential to improve your swing, it’s hard not to love these golf shoes. And while my left heel can’t wait until I’ve worn them in a bit – which is my mistake because I ALWAYS get blisters from new shoes – I can’t wait to get out there and show them off again!

Ecco Golf shoes provided by Ecco Shoes.

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