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Review: Aussie Golfer received a few tees from different manufacturers. We decided to put them up against each other. A tee off.

Tees are tees right? I thought so until I recently asked this question to other golfers. I really had no idea that golfers were that precious about what sort of tee they used.

With this in mind, I decided to road test a few different models suppliers have sent to Aussie Golfer. I steered clear of the wooden tee that some golfers worship and put three jumbo sized plastic tees up against each other; the Viper Tee, the D-tee and the rubber topped tee that is ubiquitous on golf store counters these days.

Here is where all three tees differ. The Viper Tee is v-shaped at the top with very little plastic holding the ball. This means less friction on the ball at impact meaning the ball goes further. The D-tee has a large ‘cup’ area for the ball but the major difference is in the shaft. It has a flat, narrow ‘directional’ shaft, which if inserted into the ground along the line of the swing, gives greater control and is near impossible to break.

Obviously they all hold your ball up before you drive but I like a tee to be able clean my grooves and work as a plug repairer. The rubber topped tee bends too much to replace plug marks and it is not great for groove cleaning. The Viper Tee and the D-tee do the job much better as they are much sharper and rigid.

The idea that a tee can make your ball go further is debatable but tests by the Viper Tee and D-tee companies show they do. There also may be something in the alignment advantages that these tees offer.

I’ve only lost around three rubber topped tees since 2006 and you would need to be playing on a Canberra golf course in the middle of a drought in order to break any of these tees.

Hidden Dangers
As someone who hits a little down on the ball, the rubber topped tees have been known to fly backwards at crotch height towards playing partners standing behind my tee shot. The Viper and the D-tee didn’t do this so much and I’ve found more golfers now willing to play in my group.
I still don’t get the loyalty to one particular type of tee and all these three tees work just fine. There may well be something to the Viper and D-tee’s when it comes to increased accuracy and distance and after playing with them for many rounds now, I recommend giving them a go.

3 thoughts on “Down to a tee

  • i actually use an EPOCH Tee, which is very similar to the Viper. I find that these tees are very durable and i get a better feel from my driver……..have not used any other tee for the last 6 months. I think i have broken a couple of them, but, once broken they make a good par 3 tee.

  • Durability is certainly an important factor to consider in evaluation of the golfing accessory.

  • i know many believe the D tee can leave impressions on their driver so refuse to se them


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