Don Cheadle scores hole-in-one

Don Cheadle makes his first ever hole-in-one in New Zealand.

I mentioned a few weeks ago, Hollywood actor Don Cheadle made his way to New Zealand to take part on the NZ PGA Pro-Am Championship.
Best known for his work in Hotel Rewanda and Oceans trilogy, he is a huge golf fan and a big name to make the field in NZ. He jumped off the plane, said this, and then proceeded to make his first ever hole-in-one at the 16th hole at The Hills Course in Queesntown during the final round of the event.
The strange part of the ace was that his playing partner, and tournament leader Michael Hendry made a quadruple bogey on the hole at the same time. He recovered and went on to win the tournament.

“I told him I would have traded that shot to have him stay steady, really, because that’s just so painful. We take a seven and it’s like whatever. He got it back together, made a birdie on the par five and held on and won.” Cheadle said, but added he never saw his nine iron go in the hole.

“I didn’t even see it, I just saw people jumping up and down and screaming. It was great because my kids were there and my wife was there,” he said.

“There were 200 witnesses – I owe a lot of drinks. It’s great, it just makes the whole golf experience for me.”

Cheadle scored himself a new brand new Callaway RAZR Fit Driver for his fine achievement. Suddenly realising the date this feat occurred, Cheadle made sure his Twitter followers knew it wasn’t a joke.

I forgot it was April 1st. But I had 200 witnesses so…

— Don Cheadle (@IamDonCheadle) April 1, 2012

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