Distance Measuring Devices

Media releases have been produced from the state golfing bodies over the past few years concerning the use of distance measuring devices (GPS etc.) in club competitions. The Queensland and WA Golf Association released their view on things back in 2006 while the NSW Golf Association only released their point of view earlier this year. I can’t see anything from SA, Tas, Vic or NT just yet. Here what the release says:

Distance-Measuring Devices: A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. However, if, during a stipulated round a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (eg, gradient, windspeed, temperature, etc), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used.

So just remember, it’s a local rule applying to different states at the moment. I’m a little surprised it’s not something the PGA Australia haven’t stepped in to cover for the whole of Australia but my advice would be if you have one and there’s a competition you’re playing in, check first!

P.S. Does anyone else think PGA Australia need a new logo? The current one doesn’t really scream out “Australia” and appears old and dated. It reeks of long socks and stuffy clubhouses.

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