Clubhouse destroyed after huge fire at Eastern Golf Club

A devastating fire has ripped through the clubhouse at Eastern Golf Club in the Yarra Valley.

Despite the best efforts by firefights on Monday afternoon, a huge fire destroyed the clubhouse at Eastern Golf Club in the Yarra Valley.

Early unsubstantiated reports on Nine News and Australian Golf Digest suggest the fire may have been the result of an electrical fault in a golf cart or in the cart storage facility. A number of locals and all the major news outlets have covered the huge blaze on social media – see below.

ABC News reported that the strong winds meant the fire was pushed right through the entire clubhouse very quickly.

Footage of the blaze shows parts of the clubhouse collapsed due to the fire, with parts of the building warped and twisted from the heat.

CFA district 13 assistant chief fire officer David Renkin said it had taken firefighters the better part of two hours to contain the fire.

“It’s a total loss. The fire has extended from where we believe the fire started,” he said.

“Unfortunately due to the wind conditions today it’s pushed the fire through the whole building.”

And a quick snippet of what the magnificent clubhouse at Eastern Golf Club used to look like. It’s heartbreaking news for all involved with the club.

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