Check out these incredible photos of golf courses under the stars

Photographer Cy Cyr does plenty of work for the Golf Channel, Golf digest and the PGA Tour but he has recently released a set of photographs of golf courses across North America under the stars.

You can check out the full set through his website or over at Golf Digest, but the video above gives you a great introduction to his shots. As an old physics grad, I find these photos incredible although I don’t think you need to know much science to appreciate these.

Love the shots taken during the day that have enough exposure to see the stars in the sky. And that true sense of the rotation of the earth is something we all need a reminder of from time to time.

Maybe this will make it easier to “hit the small ball before the big ball” over the weekend.

Cyr had a few tips from PGA Tour player Jimmy Walker who is a very keen amateur astronomer when he is off the golf course. You can check out some of his photos on this site… yep, they’re all photos that Jimmy Walker has taken himself.

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