Changing Australian Golf: Meadowbrook Leads the Way

Belatedly introducing the inaugural episode of Golf Australia’s exciting new series showcasing progressive golf clubs reshaping the Australian golf landscape.

We hadn’t heard anything about this “Shifting Courses” video series from Golf Australia but we like what we see after stumbling across them a few weeks ago.

The clubs being featured in this series aren’t just about golf; they’re community hubs, attracting both golfers and non-golfers alike. Leading the charge is Meadowbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, renowned for its innovative additions like a driving range, modern clubhouse, and mini-golf course.

From the video description:

Meadowbrook Golf Club, situated 20 minutes south of Brisbane City in Queensland, Australia, has embarked on a strategic journey since 2017 to diversify its golf offerings. This has involved a range of key projects, including a comprehensive clubhouse renovation, the establishment of a mini-golf course, and the integration of a technologically advanced driving range and more. These changes have lead to the club’s success to encompass an entirely new demographic of visitors.

The ‘Shifting Courses’ series has been created by the Clubs, Facilities and Places to Play team at Golf Australia to display ‘best practice’ amongst our clubs and facilities across Australia.

So there you go. It’s new to us and a nicely produced video. Makes me want to go there!

Oxley Golf Course has also been featured if you want to check it out after you’ve watched this one.

And if anyone wants to try and convince Bayside Council to let me try something like this at Botany Golf Course, let me know!

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