Golf tips

7 ways Australian Golf Fans can prepare for The Masters

It’s Masters week and we’ve got a few tips on how best to prepare yourself for the first major golf tournament of the year.

The Masters Tournament, the first major on the golf calendar is now just a few days away. But despite Augusta National being halfway around the globe and most of golf played in the middle of the night, Australian golf fans still have a bunch of different ways to engage with the tournament.

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GOLF TIP Set more loft before, instead of during the swing

Australian golf pro Grant Field is Cameron Smith’s coach, so when he offers a few tips on the short game we should listen up.

We’ve been watching Golfslump’s YouTube Channel for the last year or so, and while some of the video titles are a little exaggerated, he’s been producing a ton of great golf content, amassing many thousands of followers along the way.

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GOLF TIPS Tommy Fleetwood on chipping, putting and bunker shots

Tommy Fleetwood shares his golf tips on chipping, putting and bunker shots.

Rick Shiels recently shared around a challenge with English golfer Tommy Fleetwood where he was given a 10-stroke advantage. But perhaps the most valuable part of the session was the pre-round short game video where Fleetwood shares his golf tips advice on three parts of the short game; chipping, bunker shots and putting.

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Matt Jones shares his top tip for beginner golfers

Australian golfer Matt Jones has shared his top tip for the beginner golfer – and when one of the best golfers in the world speaks, it’s time time to sit down and listen.

This has been around a while but we recently stumbled upon a raft of great golf tips from some of the world’s best golfers and we thought it was time to share it here at Aussie Golfer.

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Essential tips for a golf shot from a downhill lie

Practise different golf shots including the downhill lie to handle whatever challenges the golf gods throw your way.

There’s more to success than just nailing those straightforward shots on the fairway. True mastery of the game involves conquering a variety of challenging scenarios, and one often overlooked aspect is handling steep downhill lies.

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Break 90 with 5 valuable golf tips & practice hacks

Golf tips and golf reviews are given a refreshing twist by Jon Perkins Golf.

We’ve been enjoying the great videos Jon Perkins has been sharing on his YouTube Channel and we thought it was about time we gave it a plug here.

Jon’s got a refreshing, honest style with his equipment reviews and instructional content, presenting viewers with a fresh perspective on optimizing their golf game.

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