Golf Gear Review

How’s the serenity with these whisper quiet golf bags?!

Barwon Golf’s quiet and organized golf bags, offer a rattle-free, waterproof solution for your day on the golf course.

We take pride in showcasing all things Australian golf – be it courses, products, or individuals contributing to the local golf scene. The latest gem we stumbled upon is Barwon Golf, a venture initiated by a Geelong local entering the realm of online golf products.

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REVIEW Goodr Tiger Blood Transfusion golf sunglasses

We picked up a pair of one of Goodr’s golf sunglasses to try test out on the fairways and they weren’t quite what we were expecting. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Goodr sunglasses launched as an inexpensive, light option for runners who up until this point were frustrated by more expensive ones that would bounce around as they ran.

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