Golf Australia Magazine lists the 50 most fun short courses in australia

Golf Australia Magazine has listed 50 of Australia’s most fun short courses in a recent issue and we had almost as much fun reading them as it would be playing them.

After years of playing golf on many of the best golf courses in Australia – in club competitions, socially with friends or even alone in the long shadows at the end of the day – perhaps the most memorable experiences have been on short golf courses.

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Nine million reasons why golf is booming Down Under

Ground-breaking research marks Australian golf’s new direction as it sets its sights on a solid path for post-pandemic growth.

Media release via Australian Golf Media

Officially launched today by the Australian Golf Industry Council – a collaboration of golf’s main industry bodies – the findings of the Nature Report are the most comprehensive on golf to date.

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The new Adventures on Golf series with Erik Anders Lang is excellent

We’d been anticipating the new Skratch TV series of Adventures in Golf almost as much as the new Dune movie and Foundation series. And now that it’s here we can say it’s excellent.

We haven’t seen all of Season 6 as yet (as not all episodes have dropped), but Erik Anders Lang and the team have already delivered some great episodes we’ve been happy to share around with as many non-golfers as golfers.

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