Spectacular outback golf tournament a huge success

I’d heard a bit about the Outback Queensland Masters a little bit but it hadn’t properly caught my eye until I spotted a couple of exquisite photographs on their Instagram feed.

The Outback Queensland Masters takes place over six tournaments at six different towns in outback Queensland and includes a hole-in-one shot for $1million and winners claiming a flaming orange jacket.

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Every hole at Ratho Farm, Australia’s oldest golf course

Check out every hole at Tasmania’s very quirky Ratho Farm golf course.

Scott Campbell is sharing some fine looking video content down his YouTube Channel and I was captivated by this recent video at Ratho Farm.

For those who may not know, Ratho Farm is about an hour’s drive north-east from Hobart and is considered to be Australia’s oldest golf course; and quite possibly the quirkiest.

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Check out Kingston Heath’s plan for a spectacular short course

Are we entering the age of the short golf course?

Mooted for decades as a way to increase participation, help time-poor golfers and encourage new people to play, shorter golf courses are only now beginning to come to fruition.

Several great short courses such as the 12-hole concept, par-3 tracks and mini-golf are only now emerging on the Australian golf landscape such as Bougle Run, and a swathe of fantastic mini-golf courses around the country.

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Wolf Golf Scorecard keeps track of everything you need to play Wolf

Points, teams, lone wolf’s and tee positions are all tracked in the Wolf Golf Scorecard app available for Android users.

Australian golfers don’t gamble on the golf course as much as American golfers, so it’s likely you’ve never heard of the game Wolf.

It’s a golf format game for 4 four players, where you are playing for an amount of money per hole.

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Catch some sun and take a video tour of Humpty Doo Golf Club

Henry Peters from Under The Card is making some great videos that are shining a light on some of Australia’s lesser-known golf courses.

It’s hard not to go past a recent clip showing us around Humpty Doo Golf Club, about 35 minutes out of Darwin. In the middle of the winter in the southern parts of the country, I’d slip on some shorts and play here in a heartbeat.

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