Australia’s newest mini golf course opens at Links Shell Cove

Australia’s newest golf course is now open!

Media Release

GreenSpace Management is proud to announce that after a challenging journey through COVID and weather events, SHANX @ Links Shell Cove is now officially open for play.

On Sunday 23 May the sun was shining with WaveFM965 live streaming from the course and games, local artists and entertainers in full flight creating a carnival atmosphere.

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GOLF RULES Playing opposite-handed to get free relief

Golf Australia’s golf rules guru David Blake has been going through a bunch of golf rules as part of Under The Card’s YouTube channel and this one may surprise you.

If it’s considered reasonable that you would have to play a shot opposite-handed, but you’re stance or swing is being interfered with by an immovable obstruction such as a cart path for example, then you’re entitled to free relief.

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REVIEW Goodr Tiger Blood Transfusion golf sunglasses

We picked up a pair of one of Goodr’s golf sunglasses to try test out on the fairways and they weren’t quite what we were expecting. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Goodr sunglasses launched as an inexpensive, light option for runners who up until this point were frustrated by more expensive ones that would bounce around as they ran.

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Official GA Handicap App Now Available

We unofficially told you last week about the new GA Handicap App, but now the official announcement is here!

Media release via Golf Australia

Golf Australia is excited to provide an update on a significant enhancement to our digital services. The new GA Handicap App is now available for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store to all Australian golfers, parents, family members, administrators and others.

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