Check out this Australian golf course that has a horse racing track running through it

Under The Card have been putting together some wonderful golf videos down their YouTube Channel, we thought this one, in particular, needed sharing.

Henry Peters features Alexandra Golf Club situated about 2 hours drive north-east of Melbourne. Not far from Bonnie Doon actually.

The uniqueness of Alexandra Golf Club lies with the horse racing track running through the course.

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Golfers are sharing stories on Twitter about stuffy golf club dress codes

Golf clubs are of course well within their rights to set whatever dress codes they like and compared to where many of them were 20 years ago, they’re much more relaxed.

But on the back of a story shared by pro golfer Catriona Matthew on Twitter about some outdated dress code rules at Gullane Golf Club in Scotland, a bunch of other golfers have also shared their own stories.

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