Carbrook reroutes golf course in the name of fun

Carbrook is welcoming golfers to play their golf course in a crazy new way.

Anyone who has ever had a golf course to themselves may have been tempted to play it in a slightly different way? Ever wondered if you can hit the 13th green from the 11th tee? Or playing the 7th hole backwards then putt out on the 6th green? Or is that just me?
The folks at Carbrook Golf Course (now famously known for sharks in its water hazard) seemed to have had similar thoughts and are allowing the sort of golf to be played that most stuffy members may turn their noses up at. For one day Carbrook are re-routing their golf course to be played in a way that was never intended.

The nine hole Super Course Challenge includes a shot from the 12th tee to the 13th green and a final hole that starts at the 10th tee to the 9th green. It’s crazy golf and for anyone who knows the golf course very well, its going to be loads of fun.
It is a crazy idea and a nothing more than a bit of fun, but there is something in this sort of golf club management. 
It is a sign that the club is prepared to try something different to keep golf fun. There are many Australian golf clubs in dire financial trouble, and while not all are due to poor club management, these sorts of initiatives can only be a positive in attracting and retaining members.

One thought on “Carbrook reroutes golf course in the name of fun

  • I have played Carbrook a few times but cannot remember those exact holes. If it gets more people out to the golf course then it can only be a good thing.


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