Caddie tells European Tour golfer to “Stop being crazy”

Check out this fabulous exchange between caddie and European Tour player Ashun Wu during last week’s Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa.

Wu looked set on trying to hit a low shot under the trees with enough height to carry the water but his caddie suggested it was a bad idea. At one point telling him to “Stop being crazy. Just go back to the fairway”.

We could all use a caddie like this from time to time but I’m guessing not all golfers appreciate this sport of confidence from the bag man. Several caddies would have been fired for talking to their golfer like this.

The European tour commentary team should also receive some applause for staying quiet and letting us all hear the full exchange.

And the end result…

Wu went on to finish in a tie for 16th place at 2-under par earning himself €84,122. Maybe a larger than usual take for the caddie this week.

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