Bolle V3 Golf sunglasses: review

We’ve been converted to wearing sunglasses while playing golf by the Bolle Bolt V3’s.

I’ve never really liked wearing sunglasses while I play golf. Without really understanding why, I just disliked the look over the golf ball and haven’t thought for a second to start wearing them again no matter how bright it is on the golf course.

It turns out if you’re wearing rubbish pair from the petrol station down the road, you’re most likely oging to hate wearing them playing golf as you’re sure to get a loss of perspective and a load of distortion due to the cheap lenses.

The folk at Bolle set me straight on this at their stand at the Australian Open. I was taken through the range Bolle golf sunglasses and within minutes I was a convert. It turns out that not only do poor lenses distort your vision and perspective but polarised sunglasses don’t help you much on the golf course either.

The loss of light due to polarisation is more of a hindrance in reading greens, as much of the contour information has been filtered out. Unless your someone regularly looking for golf balls in the water, they aren’t going do much for you vision on the golf course.

The clarity and definition of the Bolle Bolt V3 sunglasses that I’ve been testing is stunning. I really had no idea how well golf specific sunglasses worked until I tried them on.

I initially tested them out in overcast conditions and the Bolle Bolt’s Photo V3 photochromic lenses make your view brighter and much clearer. In bright sunny conditions, the lenses obviously reduce the glare but not to a level that is too dark without any loss in clarity. the interiors are fog resistant while the outside has a hydrophobic coating to ward off any moisture.

Check out the Bolle Golf V3 Collection here. Sunglasses were supplied to Aussie Golfer for review by Bolle. [Aussie Golfer’s policy on reviews]

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