Australian golf club’s ‘racist’ policy?

Gerard Healy on Melbourne 3AW radio yesterday alluded to some potential racist policies regarding membership at one of Australia’s most famous golf clubs.He has yet to name the offending golf club but promises to follow this up in the next few days.

It is hard to know exactly what club or what policy he may be referring to but this sort of policy hads been known to exist at other Australian golf clubs in the past. One club in particular had a racist policy in their membership requirements for many years. I hope this is no longer the case.

If true, I hope Healy’s comments play out and banish racism from Ausralian golf.

Hear what he had to say below. Audio courtesy of 3AW.

Thanks to Golf Industry Central for the tip off.

2 thoughts on “Australian golf club’s ‘racist’ policy?

  • True. Although I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “country club” so to speak. Which makes me wonder, what makes a country club anyway?


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