Australian golfer makes a record 1111 consecutive putts on a 6-foot putting mat

Mini-golf sensation Josh Mars has just completed as extraordinary feat, making over 1,000 putts in a row.

Josh Mars is Australia’s king of mini-golf. Mars has a YouTube Channel full of videos showing off his skills on Australian mini-golf courses where the “Down Under Putting Wonder’ shows you how to get a hole-in-one on every hole, followed by his trademark fist pump.

Mars has more recently been setting himself a few live challenges down the @PuttingWonder Tiktok channel aiming to make as many consecutive putts as he can on his 6-foot putting mat.

Initially aiming to make a few hundred putts in a row, his latest challenge saw him clock up over 1,000 consecutive putts. Mars only stopped when the counter clicked over to 1,111 and his legs couldn’t take it any more.

Here it is – all 4 hours and 28 minutes of it.

It works out to be about one putt sunk every 14.5 seconds

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