Augusta bound: Follow us on our trip to The Masters

I’m lucky enough to be fulfilling a childhood dream next week by going to the US Masters.

I’m ticking off one of golf’s bucket list items this year by heading to The Masters. Thanks to some fortuitous circumstances and an extremely understanding wife and kids, I’ll be tagging along with Elite Sporting Tours and spending Masters weekend as a patron in the hallowed grounds of Augusta National.

But we’ve decided to start the week the way anyone else would do – by playing some golf along the way.

Specifically, we’re going to play a few courses along Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Trail. The RTJ Trail as it is more commonly known is a unique, public access set of superb golf courses across the southern American state of Alabama. They were conceived with a “build it and they will come” attitude – and The Trail now consists of 11 sites, with 26 courses and a total of 468 holes.

The first hole at The Judge, RTJTRail at Capitol Hill.
The first hole at The Judge, RTJTail at Capitol Hill.

We’re going to play a selection of these RTJTrail golf courses on our way to Augusta, finishing with a round at the Alister Mackenzie designed Palmetto Golf Club in South Carolina.

I realise from simply chatting to good mates that watching someone else go off to The Masters can be an envious experience – we’ve felt the same in previous years.

But if you’re keen to follow along on the trip, to perhaps get a few tips on how to start planning for yourself in the future, I’ll be writing a bit about it here at as well as via our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Alister MacKenzie designed Palmetto Golf Club.
The Alister MacKenzie designed Palmetto Golf Club.

2 thoughts on “Augusta bound: Follow us on our trip to The Masters

  • Enjoy! Really looking forward to the updates. Good to see the first at The Judge is a nice easy hole to ease in to the round 🙂

  • Lucky bastard! That’s all….


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