Adam’s Temptation

Adam Scott has dropped to number 43 in the world golf rankings this year. We’ve seen way more of him on the beach with the likes of Ana Ivanovic and Kate Hudson than we have on any given Sunday.

He’s had some injuries, but put yourself in his Adam’s shoes for a minute. At 29 years old he’s already earned $19 million on the US PGA Tour and with looks that appear to have the ladies in a state of constant flutter, maybe he’s just become a little distracted.

Who can blame him? He tee’s it up in a few tournaments, work hard towards the majors as usual but make sure to keep PGA Tour status while having a little fun. We all know golfers tend to peak in their early 30’s and with the talent Adam Scott has, he’s sure to be around for at least another 10 years.

Professional golf can easily suck away your youth and with Ana Ivanovic watching your golf from behind the ropes, perhaps it’s not a youth to be missed.

2 thoughts on “Adam’s Temptation

  • Mr. Scott has made many of my non-golfing girlfriends pay a little more attention to the tourneys he plays in. He is definitely a golfer they don’t want to miss (okay, “they” includes me).

  • Try to go Pro & play the PGA Tour
    = hundreds of hours practicing

    Make Pro & win PGA Tournaments
    = $19 million

    Date Ana Ivanovic
    = Priceless



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