Adam Scott opens up and plays some golf with Iona Stephen

Adam Scott takes centre stage in a newly published video feature with On the Road With Iona.

Former pro golfer and now golf broadcaster Iona Stephen is making a bunch of nice videos on her On the Road With Iona YouTube Channel and she recently chatted to the 2013 Masters champion, Adam Scott.

This long video feature is a nice change of pace compared to the faster, bombastic golf videos we’re used to seeing. At just under an hour, it’s a time investment but probably one worth taking. Especially if you’re a fan of Adam Scott. And who isn’t?

Yoy get a good sense of the laid-back, but still extremely determined personality of Adam Scott in this video. As an extremely private person, you get the feeling Scott is still very surprised that anyone else would find his life very interesting, and continues to come across as one of the most humble, likeable personalities in professional golf.

Incidentally, Adam Scott’s Dad was featured in a previous episode.

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