Adam Scott now owns a new Australian Pickleball team franchise

Professional golf to professional pickleball seems like a natural transition for Adam Scott.

From the Department of “That’s Not Really Golf But anyway…” comes the curious news that Adam Scott is officially now an owner of a new Australian Pickleball team franchise.

Often referred to as the fastest-growing sport in the US, the sport of pickleball is slowly seeping into Australia with courts popping up all over the country. Sometimes much to the chagrin of traditional tennis lovers.

The Australian Major Pickleball League has just welcomed four more teams to be a part of the inaugural Australian professional pickleball league, Sydney Smash, Melbourne Mavericks, Brisbane Breakers, and Gold Coast Glory which Adam Scott has been named as team owner.

As Golf Industry Central reported, Scott isn’t the first famous Australian sportstar to align themselves with a Pickelball team.

 Scott joins a list of distinguished team owners, including cricket legend Steve Smith, basketball star Patty Mills, and five-time Olympian Nat Cook, in supporting and promoting professional pickleball in Australia.

“I’m honored to join Major League Pickleball Australia as a team owner to support the Gold Coast Glory and help grow this fantastic sport,” said Adam Scott. “Being part of this community alongside other esteemed athletes and icons is incredibly exciting.”

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