A sneak peek at Loudmouth Golf’s upcoming 2014 spring collection

Loudmouth Golf have been great supporters of Aussie Golfer for many years now and we’re more than happy to give you a sneak peak at the first three of several original designs for the spring season.

Loudmouth Golf are launching a new spring collection range in the coming weeks but these three new patterns have been made available through Loudmouth’s Made-To-Order online shop.

From the always interesting press release:

“Daktari” – For Loudmouth fans planning on taking a safari on the Serengeti plains in a jeep; you’ll blend in with the zebras perfectly in these black and white beauties.

“Checkmate” – It’s an alternative to ultra bright and vivid colors. Don’t be fooled with its earthy-tones; done the right way, these can be just as eye catching as some of our wildest prints. Perfect for the urban golfer.

“Love Lamp” – Real men wear pink. Just ask Steven Tyler. Warning: If you stare at these pants long enough, the blobs may start moving.

Loudmouth’s Pre-Spring 2014 collection will be available for both men and women through Loudmouth’s Made-to-Order (MTO) online shop.

For more information on the collection visit: au.loudmouthgolf.com

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